How the addition of a micro market can help your business


Businesses require high employee performance for success, on top of products and services that consumers want. A somewhat obvious but overlooked fact is that healthier employees create more productive and more successful work environments.  There are many reasons for this, including increased focus, fewer sick days, better job performance and lower healthcare costs.


With that being said, it is fair to say businesses have an incentive to help employees be and stay healthy. A great place to start is by supporting health initiatives and providing access to healthy options for food and beverages. Standard office vending machines, while convenient and useful, are often filled with high sugar, calorie laden options. Luckily you can accomplish a healthier environment with the addition of a micro market on long island.


Micro markets are an investment in employee health that’s extremely affordable and easy to implement. The addition of a micro market is a powerful thing – it can positively impact your business in many ways including employee health and company culture.  Businesses that add a micro market to its building show employees they value their health and well-being. Employees spend a third of their life working, so it important to provide them access to efficient and satisfying foods. There are literally hundreds of different products to choose from, many of them are fresh, healthy options. They are also efficient to use, as depending on your options, they can be set up to pay with debit cards, a PIN or fingerprint technology.


With a micro market, employees have convenient access to healthy meal and snack options, making them less likely to leave in order to get what they want or need. Taking quick trips to the micro market can become a bonding ritual for employees who need to overcome the three o’clock slump.  This both enhances the culture of the office place and increases the productivity of employees. Employees meet each other, maybe for the first time, creating bond that make the workplace more pleasureable.  In addition, if employees do not have to leave the office, they are at least in theory getting more work done.

To summarize, a healthy employee is a productive employee. Employers should strive to enhance the health of their employees as it provides countless business benefits and enhances workplace environments.  Micro markets can provide employees with quick yet healthy options to get them through a work day and ready for another, at a low cost.  They can also enhance the culture and environment of the work place by gathering employees in one space for non-work conversations.

Overall, micro markets provide cost efficient and usefulness additions to any business.