Why Micro Markets May Better Suit your Business Over Traditional Vending Machines

Micro markets in New York are an increasingly popular trend.  It is projected that over the next five years, that boom will continue.  Both employers and employees see a huge benefit with the introduction of micro markets, for a multitude of reasons.  Many employees cite convenience and increased options atop the reasons they prefer a shift from traditional vending machines to micro markets.  Employers, who are typically demanding increased performance and workload, are achieving those results as employees no longer have to leave the office for a substantive, healthy lunch.  Among many other reasons discussed below, a takeover in the vending market by micro markets is likely to continue to be seen.


Micro markets attract many more visits per day than vending machine, statistics show.  Why? There a multitude of reasons.  First, micro markets, as opposed to vending machines, are more convenient than leaving the office for lunch.  While vending machines are typically filled with “junk foods,” such as chocolates, chips and other calorie-laden snacks, micro markets have the ability to stock healthier and more filling options.  Salads, sandwiches, fruit and other satiating options can be found in many New York micro markets. For employees, this avoids the hassle of leaving the office every day of lunch. For employers, this means increased productivity and possibly shorter lunch breaks.


There is also a benefit to both employees and employers with the added benefit of healthy options in the workplace through micro markets.  It is well known that there has been a movement towards healthy choices, more so than ever.  As previously mentioned, micro markets set themselves apart from traditional vending machines with daily restocked fresh, flavorful and healthy options.  This clearly benefits employees and their health. Perhaps less obviously, this benefits employers as well.  Statistics repeatedly show that healthy employees are more productive employees. Not only do they take less sick days, but they are also more focused and productive during the day.


For employers, increased visits means increased sales.  This benefit is two fold. First, and obviously, the more visits to a micro market, the more chance for increased lucrative returns for the employer. Second, the food options provided by micro markets are typically sold at a higher price point than those in vendor machines.  While the upkeep and stocking may be more, it is obvious the a salad or sandwich will garner larger profit than a candy bar.


The maintenance is also much easier on employers.  Micro markets contain a web-based inventory management system to ensure fresh inventory.  There is less machine maintenance and downtime, making more time for profit.


Overall, micro markets can make things easier on both employers and employees, and provides multiple benefits for all parties involved.